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All cleaning is done by appointment only

Find the package below that’s right for you, then give us a call to discuss pricing and further details.

Exterior Super-Shine

  • Warm, soft water wash
  • Rinse and hand dry
  • Chrome, wheels, and windows cleaned
  • Power polish
  • Deep shine waxing

Engine Cleaning

  • Warm, soft water wash
  • Remove dust and grease
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Your engine looks great

Interior Shampoo

  • Vacuum & shampoo of carpet and upholstery
  • Deep clean all vinyl
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Clean door panels, weatherstrip and hinges
  • Leather treatment

Trunk Cleaning

  • Vacuum and/or shampoo until it looks new again

Wash & Vacuum

  • Exterior wash and hand dry
  • Vacuum inside
  • Wipe and clean all vinyl/leather
  • Wipe door jambs
  • Clean windows inside and out

Fabric Protection

  • After thorough vacuum or shampoo we can apply fabric protection
  • Consider this “kid proofing” your car
  • Protects fabric without harming it
  • No toxic fumes or lingering odour

The Complete Cleaning

  • Includes all of the services in the Exterior Super-shine, Interior Shampoo, Engine Cleaning and Trunk Cleaning packages
  • Get your car looking like new
  • Maximize your profit if you are selling your vehicle

Rust Proofing

  • Spray all the hidden areas where salt and debris collects and rust can start
  • Under the hood, inside quarter panels, inside and bottom of door panels, inside seams and pockets you never see

Vehicle Detailing

Car, Truck, SUV, Mini Van, Foreign or Domestic –
Regina’s Detailing Experts


We work from the outside in

No one beats the way we clean up a car’s exterior! When we wash your car, we do it the way you would do it yourself; with warm, sudsy water.  Our gentle cleaning agents do a beautiful job.

After your car is thoroughly clean and dry, we apply a hand wax and buff it until we get a really deep shine. While many products claim that they give a jewel-like finish, we use one that really does. It gets rid of scuffs, fine scratches, and that dull look. Where oxidation has taken its toll on the finish, our product brings back the color and sheen.

We look after the inside too!

Along with our “super shine” exterior work, we also do great work on the inside. After we vacuum your car to get rid of the surface dirt, we use a special steam extractor method to shampoo it.

Both the product and our method are safe enough for the finest leather or cloth seats. And since the method we use doesn’t leave any film behind, you get back (and keep!) the bright, rich look your car had the day you bought it.

We also deep-clean the pores of your vinyl then treat it with a conditioner. This preserves the vinyl and prevents it from drying out and cracking. As a final touch, we clean your windows, inside and out. (P.S. if your company allows you one good car clean a year and you’d like both the interior and exterior done, ask for our “complete” package. This way, your car will look like new (your best dollar value).

We'll clean your engine
If your car isn’t new, it could likely do with an engine cleaning. You may know this as “a dirty splash job”. At Advanced Auto Cleaning, we spare you all that. What we do is get rid of that built-up grease. That’s what heats up your engine and makes it wear out faster. Besides making your car run better, your service man will thank you, too. Once the sludge and dirt are off the wires and spark plugs, he can quickly find the trouble spots. And it’s a pleasure for him (or you!) to work on a car with a motor that’s clean.
We can "kid-proof" your car!

If you have children, you may want our special Fabric Protection Treatment. Here again, we didn’t just go with the product everyone’s heard about. The one we chose protects your fabric without harming it, without any toxic fumes, or lingering odour. We spray every square inch of your fabric so spills can’t penetrate the fabric. All you do is blot them off.

We also do rust-proofing

Expose a brand-new car to the elements of Saskatchewan. Right from the start, the rust starts eating away. At Advanced Auto Cleaning, we offer rust-proofing where we get into every nook and cranny. We spray all the hidden areas where salt and debris collect and rust can start. We recommend this treatment on all new vehicles. It will give added protection on your investment.

If your car isn’t new, our treatment penetrates right to the problem area to stop any further rusting. Just knowing this should give you peace of mind.

Why choose Advanced Auto Cleaning?
  • Products:
    When Advanced Auto Cleaning decided to get into the car care business, we made up our minds to do the kind of work on your car we’d like someone to do on ours. Where most car care companies just go with one line of products, we combed the market, tested them all and came up with the best chemical product for each job.
  • Integrity:
    When you love a car, you hate to leave it “just anywhere”. Advanced Auto Cleaning is clean and tidy. So are the people who work there. We treat every car with special care. Since we’re in this business because we love cars too, treating them respect comes naturally.
  • Value:
    If you’re putting your car on the market, we can help you to get a better price for it. Ask for our complete package. We’ll clean your car inside and out. We’ll polish the paint, shine the chrome and clean the windows. We’ll clean the engine, shampoo the seats and carpet, and clean the door panels. We will restore the softness and luster to your vinyl and give a brand new look to your trunk. By spending a bit, you’ll give someone a car you’re proud to sell (and that they’re proud to drive). The profit you make will feel kind of good too.

If you know some people who love their vehicles, baby them, brag about them, don’t ever want to trade them, please tell them about Advanced Auto Cleaning. Once they discover Advanced Auto Cleaning, they’ll want to keep their vehicles/boats looking great forever. They’ll thank you, and as one of our valued clients, we will too!

Gift certificates make a great gift for family occasions, office events, or anyone who likes a clean vehicle.